Recent Generic Drug Approvals

Recent Generic Drug Approvals

In the bustle of daily patient care, it is difficult to stay up-to-date on newly released generic medications, but doing so can prove beneficial.  In 2017, several medications potentially helpful in the hospice population became generic, including Seroquel XR®, Coreg CR®, and Pristiq®.  Though most generics available for these products are still quite expensive compared to previously available products, as time passes prices will continue to drop.  In the meantime, consider them as options when first-line, more cost-effective medications or medication forms are not viable options.

Brand Name Generic Name Benefit
Seroquel XR® Quetiapine extended release tablet Once daily administration
Coreg CR® Carvedilol extended release capsule Once daily administration
Pristiq® Desvenlafaxine extended release tablet Provides another antidepressant option

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