PPD Promise ™:

Origins Pharmacy Solutions® comes alongside our hospice clients to coach them in the journey to meeting their lower medication PPD goals.  Reaching that PPD target starts with Origins’ competitive pricing structure, Manual of Appropriate Pharmacotherapies® (MAPs®) formulary, ongoing recommendations from a clinical hospice pharmacist, and real-time reporting mechanisms.

Transparent Pricing:

With Origins’ transparent pricing model, there are no hidden fees or tricky manipulations of drug pricing.  Rather, hospice pays exactly what the pharmacy gets paid for each medication.  Origins’ low fees are separate and predictable, making it that much easier for hospice clients to reach their medication PPD goals.

Community Focused:

Origins is dedicated to giving back to the communities served by our hospice clients.  Our One for the Least of These program makes this happen.  Once a year we ask our hospices to select an organization that serves those in need in their communities to be the recipient of an Origins donation of a percentage of hospice’s medication expenditures.  Making a difference in our hospices’ communities doesn’t get much better than that.


Origins’ robust systems make integration with EMRs simple and straightforward. Customizable by hospice and EMR platform, integration can be done to meet the individual needs of each client.

Hospice Advocate:

Origins’ knowledge, systems, and pricing ensure advocacy for the lowest medication costs and highest levels of service for our hospice clients. By keeping medication costs low yet ensuring pharmacies receive a fair reimbursement for their services, Origins helps their hospice clients reach and maintain their pharmacy program goals.

Clinical Expertise:

As a hospice-only pharmacy benefits manager, Origins has the experience, knowledge, and tools necessary to provide the answers, timely recommendations, and support so needed by hospice staff.