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Impact Act Making a Big Impact
One For the Least to Start

Impact Act Making a Big Impact

New law includes provisions to create increased transparency within the hospice community

The newly adopted “IMPACT Act” (Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation Act) includes provisions creating greater oversight and increased transparency within the hospice community. The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization heralds the passage of this legislation and the additional oversight it will bring to end-of-life care providers.

The provisions that affect hospice providers are:

  1. Mandated surveys of Medicare certified hospice providers at least every three years for the next ten years at the minimum.
  2. Medical reviews for hospice programs with a soon to be determined percentage/number of patients receiving care for more than 180 days. The specific patient load that would trigger this medical review will be set by CMS.
  3. Hospice aggregate financial cap will be aligned with hospice reimbursement using a common inflationary index that will not change hospice reimbursement for providers

One For the Least to Start

Origins’ is poised to donate monies for their “1 For the Least of These” program in early March.  This campaign donates 1% of their clients’ drug costs, in the name of the hospice, to a charity serving the homeless or displaced children within the communities they serve. The Origins marketing department then submits an article to one or more of the hospice’s community papers with the details of the donation.

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