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People are talking about Origins...

Rebecca, Hospice Administrator

"Origins Pharmacy Solutions provides us with the tools and guidance to have an excellent pharmacy program.  Origins provides an outstanding service at an affordable cost.  Their staff is knowledgeable, pleasant, and responsive.  We are very impressed with the quality of their Medication Therapy Reviews and they help us stay compliant in a strictly regulated environment.  We appreciate having them on our team and we highly recommend Origins to any hospice agency.  "

Tyler, Pharmacy Owner

"By far Origins is one of the best PBMs we have worked with and we are quite pleased.  We would highly recommend hospices that have to use a PBM go through Origins to make things smoother for the pharmacy.  "

Liz, Hospice Administrator

"Origins provides A+ customer service - and a Geriatric Certified Pharmacist is available any time we need.  It's nice to know they are there for us and can provide us with valuable pharmaceutical guidance. "

Cody, Hospice Area Manager

"We have been using Origins for quite some time. Words cannot describe the outstanding, cooperative, and thorough care that we receive from Origins. They are professional, courteous and most of all easy to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone."

Leigh, Director of Nursing

"Origins truly advocates for us to our pharmacies.  It's nice to know they are looking out for us!"

Nikki, Hospice Administrator

"Origins' pricing gives us the consistency we need to monitor which medications are hospice covered and which are not. The pricing saves us money and gives us the ability to budget our expenses in an effective manner. Origins' medication therapy reviews help us to make better decisions in regards to our patients' care. I would highly recommend Origins to any hospice agency looking for a complete drug management plan, quality medication therapy reviews, and consistency in medication coverage."

Amanda, Hospice Director

"The Origins team is great to work with.  When our nurses call, they speak directly to a live person who knows them by name and promptly takes care of our needs.  Our pharmacy costs have also decreased significantly.  We are thrilled."

Darla, Hospice Director

"Origins provides a much easier billing system for our local pharmacies and also for our agency...I would recommend Origins to any hospice agency. "

Todd, Hospice Owner

"Origins Pharmacy Solutions provides an encompassing pharmaceutical management plan in the context of local pharmacy. It's what we've always wanted."

Terri, Hospice Administrator

"Our pharmacy costs per patient have decreased and the medication therapy reviews have been very helpful for our patients and medical staff. I would highly recommend Origins Pharmacy Solutions as a pharmacy management company for hospice agencies."